Idolize Clothing CO

I knew my calling was fashion from a young age. At that time the focus for me was customization and having pieces that no one had. Money was scare growing up with my mom solely supporting myself, brother and my sister so I self taught myself to sew. Sewing led to me customizing all my stuff. After I felt like I mastered sewing I went into getting pieces airbrushed, shirts, pants, hoodies, and jackets. I felt like the stuff in the market at the time wasn't attention grabbing and from that Idolize® started. The Lost City Collection® takes the Idolize® focus to the next level. The attention shifts from prints to construction. Elongated tees, leather embellishments, and premium material is a focus for the Lost City Collection®. The concept of focusing on specific areas and developing items tailored to that area came from my want to travel to all these places as a kid.

Idolize® to regard with adoration or devotion.
When you have a gift something that your passionate about and you devote yourself to there are no limits. When people see your understanding of that the adoration comes in.